Watch Party

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These are free extensions that allows you to have a watch party and stream your favourite movies and shows in real time

You can watch Netflix while chatting with your friends with  Netflix Party ! Invite people from all over the world to a  Netflix Watch Party . This is a free extension that allows you to have a watch party and stream your favorite movies and shows in real time, no matter how far apart you are. It's like a dream come true for Netflix addicts everywhere. You may host and join a watch party from anywhere in the world, no matter where you are.

Also visit  Crunchyroll Party  and watch content with your friends and view various anime communities anywhere in the world. Also use these Extension:-

Ad Blocker  allows you to block video ads, flashing banners, pop-up messages, and all other forms of advertising.

To Do List  is a well-known and very effective online productivity tool. Keep track of your to-do list, take notes, and arrange your thoughts into outlines and lists.

Sketch Pad  Extension is a free and easy-to-use sketching tool that allows you to try with new ideas and draw whatever you want.